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Here context is information technology not construction industry. Here are some terms most frequently used and their meaning IMHO.
Architect: Person responsible for defining architecture and its description.
Architecture artifact: Anything which describes some part or asepct of an architecture. For an example: models, analysis document, a report or any other document contributing in description of an architecture.
Architecture description: Set of artifacts documenting an architecture.
Architecture framework: A guide/structured information that suggests artifacts to be created and their relationship with each other.
Architecture methodology: An structured approach towards architecture. Methodologies were often defined and used to solve problems in an area.
Architecture process: Steps to produce architecture description and architecture.
Architecture taxonomy: A way to categorize and organize architecture artifacts.
Architecture: Organization of a system, its components and their relationship (to each other and their environment). Guiding principles on which system will be structured and will evolve.


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Review & evaluation

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