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Serverless why and why not?

posted May 7, 2020, 1:20 PM by Jageshwar Tripathi


Asynchronous, concurrent, infrequent, in sporadic demand, unpredictable variance in scaling requirements, stateless, ephemeral, and highly dynamic
Examples: Image/video processing, CICD, event streaming

You are free from: server provisioning, maintenance, updates, scaling and capacity planning

When not to use?

  • There is a lack of standardization and interoperability between cloud providers that may lead to vendor lock-in – CNCF 
  • Aniszczyk explained serverless is not a good option for users that are looking at startup time and performance or trying to avoid being locked into a specific cloud platform provider.
  • Long running work loads
  • If you need advanced monitoring
  • Latency due to cold start [Download code, Start container, Bootstrap the runtime], then hot start [Start your code]