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Value proposition

posted Aug 1, 2021, 10:40 AM by Jageshwar Tripathi   [ updated Aug 9, 2021, 12:48 PM ]

Much talked about topic or word in management and leadership meetings. Why does someone (your customer, friend, company, manager) will give you anything (Money, time, support, or help )? You must show some value to someone to get his attention, money, or support. 

Value proposition canvas or any other model may not help you unless you believe in the very basic principle "If you can solve the problem of someone (relieve pain) or if you can help for benefit of someone (gain), you can expect their attention, you can expect something in return". 

There may be many categories but few key points are :
Others will buy your services or product if:
1. performance of offered product/service is better than alternatives available
2. Sometimes it is the cost (financial value) that is the key differentiator. Cost of your product/service compared to others
3. Relationship also becomes a value proposition. Your long-term trusted relationship is valuable to your customer. 
4. Few things bring emotional value. What you offer satisfies your customer emotionally.

The value proposition is well understood in business-customer scenarios but often we forget about it in manager-team member cases or employer-employee scenarios. 

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