Software Architecture Evaluation Methods

Post date: Jan 15, 2019 8:54:34 PM

Early methods

There methods are applied for evaluation of software architecture before implementation. Software architecture is evaluated based on quality requirements at the early stage of development and if specification of architecture takes care of quality requirements quality objectives can be achieved. There are scenario based and mathematical model based methods.

SAAM (Scenario based Software Architecture Analysis Method)

ATAM (Architecture based Tradeoff Analysis Method)

ALPSM (Architecture Level Prediction of Software Maintenance)

ALMA (Architecture Level Modifiability Analysis)

CBAM (Cost Benefit Analysis Method)

FAAM (Family Architecture Assessment Method)

SALUTA (Scenario based Architecture Level UsabiliTy Analysis)

SBAR (Scenario Based Architecture Reengineering)

SAAMCS (SAAM for Complex Scenarios)

ESAAMI (Extending SAAM by Integration in the Domain)

ASAAM (Aspectual Software Architecture Analysis Method)

SACAM (Software Architecture Comparison Analysis Method)

DoSAM (Domain Specific Software Architecture Comparison Model)

Late methods

These methods identify the difference between the implemented and planned architectures.

Tvedt et al.'s Approach

Lindvall et al.'s Approach

Fiutem and Antoniol's Approach (Tool based)

Murphy et al.'s Approach (Tool based)

Sefika et al.'s Approach (Tool based)

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