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SOA Patterns

Service orientation involves distributed systems collaborating, sharing information and so on. This specific nature of service oriented architecture puts new challenges to architects and system designers. As Object Oriented paradigm people have identified solutions to recurring problems in the form of design patterns, similarly in Service Oriented world attempts are focused to identify solutions to recurring problems in the form of SOA design patterns.

Recently Prentice Hall has announced the publication of "SOA Design Patterns", There are 85 design patterns mentioned in the book. Whith release of the book, the new community site has been launched. This site will provide a forum for further development and refinement of SOA design patterns.

Contributors included David Chappell and Clemens Utschig from Oracle, Mark Little from Red Hat, and Jason Hogg from Microsoft. Furthermore, Dennis Wisnosky, Chief Architect and Chief Technical Officer at the U.S. Department of Defense.

The 85 patterns identified in the book include: Canonical Schema Bus, Composition Design Patterns, Enterprise Service Bus, Inventory Design Patterns, Policy Enforcement, Reliable Messaging, Service Design Patterns, Service Grid, Three-Layer Inventory, and Transformation.

Web site has listed patterns which can be sorted alphabetically or according to category. They have identified following categories to put patterns under them:

Foundational Inventory Patterns, Logical Inventory Layer Patterns, Inventory Centralization Patterns, Inventory Implementation Patterns, Inventory Governance Patterns, Foundational Service Patterns, Service Implementation Patterns, Service Security Patterns, Service Contract Design Patterns, Legacy Encapsulation Patterns, Service Governance Patterns, Capability Composition Patterns, Service Messaging Patterns, Composition Implementation Patterns, Service Interaction Security Patterns, Transformation Patterns, Common Compound Design Patterns

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I have contributed "SOA Design Patterns Poster" at . This poster displays the catalog of patterns from the book SOA Design Patterns (by Thomas Erl, Prentice Hall, Copyright 2008). There are 85 design patters shown in categories with brief description of them. This can be a good reference for SOA architects, designers and developers providing them single view of all patters on a single page (A2 size poster) or two pages (A3 size poster). Posters of both the sizes are available at:-