Architecture - Standards

Post date: Apr 6, 2013 6:03:33 AM

Architectural Description

Documenting architecture (superseded by 42010)

[ about 1471-2000]



Generic software arcitecture discription language (ADL). There are reports and papers on following links but implementation is on third parties and tool vendors. A toolkit is available on its website to download for registered users.

Acme studio and Acme Tools

Architecture Description Markup Language (ADML)

No longer developed further as per open group website. Development of tools is on third parties and vendors.


An application of xArch


To define instances of architecture in XML. xArch is a XML schema

Apigen: XML schema-to-Java data binding generator for xArch schemas

C2 Style


Enterprise Integration

Business process - BPM, BPEL

Catalog of OMG Business Strategy, Business Rules and Business Process Management Specifications

WS-BPEL specification group

Java Business Integration (JBI)


WS-* specifications for webservices security, transactions etc

WS-I specifications for interoperability

According to ws-i website: "WS-I’s deliverable provide resources for Web services developers to create interoperable Web services and verify that their results are compliant with WS-I guidelines. Key WS-I deliverable include Profiles, Sample Applications and Testing Tools". They provide Profiles, Sample Applications, Testing Tools.

Matrix of deliverable is available on their website at:


Service Component Architecture (SCA)

Service Component Architecture Specifications

The on-going IEEE SOA standardization efforts

1. IEEE SOA Solution Reference Architecture (SOA-SRA)

2. IEEE SOA Services Composition Protocols (SOA-SCP)

3. IEEE SOA Services Discovery Language (federated discovery) (SOA-SDL)

4. IEEE SOA Requirements Model (SOA-RM)

5. IEEE SOA Adaptive Services Invocation Model (SOA-ASIM)

6. IEEE SOA Relationship Modeling Language (SOA-RML)

7. IEEE SOA Services Ecosystem Exchange Protocols (SOA-SEEP)

8. IEEE SOA Services Integration Protocol (SOA-SIP)

9. IEEE SOA Service-Oriented Enterprise Project Management Model (SOA-PM)

10. IEEE SOA Proactive Event Services Model (SOA-PESM)

11. IEEE SOA for Manufacturing Execution System (SOA4MES)