EA Framework Comparison

Post date: May 6, 2012 5:55:11 AM

There are many enterprise frameworks. All these frameworks don't focus on all aspects with same rigor and detail. It is important to see how are they different.

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

    • Zachman Enterprise Framework

    • TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework)

    • DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework)

    • Gartner Enterprise Architecture Framework

    • E2AF - Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework

    • IAF - Capgemiin's Integrated Architecture Framework

    • PEAF - Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework

    • FEAF - US Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework

    • TEAF - Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework


    • Various frameworks are evolved differently.

    • Scope of various frameworks is different.

    • Various frameworks follow different principles.

    • Purpose of many of them is different.

    • Structures of these frameworks are different.


Following criteria can help comparing various EA frameworks. Important or relevance of one criteria for an organization may be different than other organization:

    1. Coverage

    2. Detail/Completeness

    3. Adoption in the Industry

    4. Business Focus

    5. Governance model

    6. Vendor neutrality

    7. Availability of information and resources

    8. Implementation time

    9. Effectiveness assessment

    10. Tool/Templates/Blueprints/Reference model support

You can choose criteria which are important for your organization or relevant to your organization. Different criteria may have different weight for your organization. Scores in a scale of 1 to 5 can be given on various criteria for these frameworks where 5- Excellent, 4- Very good, 3.-Good, 2- Poor, 1- Very poor or no support/does not cover