Post date: Mar 31, 2013 3:11:56 PM

Last month "Revised joint submission SoaML for UPMS" was submitted by some vendors to OMG. This was much awaited submission for me because I wanted to know what finally they are putting on table. How they have taken modeling for SOA is interesting to see.

It describes a UML profile and metamodel for service oriented architecture's service design. Their aim is to fit it into model driven approach. It is based on the UML 2.0 metamodel L2. Important thing here is that they say it conforms to OASIS SOA Reference Model.

Service is shown with "Pakage" notation. Every thing is covered but they have tried to accommodate everything using existing symbols and notations. This doesn't look natural for me. Specification can be found at

I doubt this is going to make life simple. I doubt this will be used and if will be used will help people. I was unable to see any other aspect except old object oriented aspect in this specification. I believe this specification is created to facilitate existing tools so that no change in them will be required. What I think from SOA is that it is entirely different from normal OO paradigm. Architecture and modeling of it should be in such a way that can be understood by business people more.