SOA Standards

Post date: Mar 31, 2013 1:51:58 PM

There are many standards related to SOA or SOA related technology but due to various organizations, consortium are working on standards it becomes hard for people to know which standard to follow and interoperability issues are still not addressed. OASIS, WS-I and W3C are the three prominent consortium. These standards are at different stages of their maturity.

People were always complaining about confusion in SOA space. Confusion is often created because lack of standards and standard bodies. Here I am trying to put standards which various organizations have been trying to create or created for SOA or for technologies related to SOA:-

Service Component Architecture (SCA)

Service Component Architecture Specifications

The on-going IEEE SOA standardization efforts:

1. IEEE SOA Solution Reference Architecture (SOA-SRA)

2. IEEE SOA Services Composition Protocols (SOA-SCP)

3. IEEE SOA Services Discovery Language (federated discovery) (SOA-SDL)

4. IEEE SOA Requirements Model (SOA-RM)

5. IEEE SOA Adaptive Services Invocation Model (SOA-ASIM)

6. IEEE SOA Relationship Modeling Language (SOA-RML)

7. IEEE SOA Services Ecosystem Exchange Protocols (SOA-SEEP)

8. IEEE SOA Services Integration Protocol (SOA-SIP)

9. IEEE SOA Service-Oriented Enterprise Project Management Model (SOA-PM)

10. IEEE SOA Proactive Event Services Model (SOA-PESM)

11. IEEE SOA for Manufacturing Execution System (SOA4MES)

Catalog of OMG Business Strategy, Business Rules and Business Process Management Specifications

WS-BPEL specification group

Java Business Integration (JBI)

WS-* specifications for webservices security, transactions etc

WS-I specifications for interoperability. According to ws-i website: "WS-I’s deliverable provide resources for Web services developers to create interoperable Web services and verify that their results are compliant with WS-I guidelines. Key WS-I deliverable include Profiles, Sample Applications and Testing Tools". They provide Profiles, Sample Applications, Testing Tools. Matrix of deliverable is available on their website at:

Some interesting resources listing web services standards:

1. Poster of standards related to webservices (from innoq website. This is little bit older but still interesting)

Pfd download- WS-Standards Poster 2007-02.pdf

2. Webservices specifications index page (from msdn wensite)

3. Standards and wenservicesc(from IBM website)

4. List of webservices standards (from wikipedia)