Alternatives to Elasticsearch X-Pack (Elastic Stack Features)

Post date: Oct 15, 2018 8:31:31 PM

X-Pack (now known as Elastic Stack Features) as a plugin provides several functionalities to Elasticsearch deployment such as:

    • Security

    • Alerting

    • Monitoring

    • Reporting

    • Graph (network)

    • Machine Learning

    • Elasticsearch SQL

X-Pack or its new name Elastic Stack Features is not free. After trial license expiry lots of features of X-Pack become disabled. Price of X-Pack is not disclosed on its website and one need to inquire about it from the company but there is license cost of significant amount. If you don't have that much money to spend , you can still enable some of those features by using other cheap or free plugins which are open source.

X-Pack Security - Alternative “SearchGuard”

X-Pack Graph - Alternative “Kibi Community” , "Kbn_Network Kibana 5"

X-Pack Machine Learning - Alternative "Knowi"

X-Pack Altering - Alternative “ElastAlerts”

X-Pack Monitoring - Alternative “KOPF or Cerebro” cost FREE