SOA- open source tools & products

Post date: Mar 31, 2013 3:01:02 PM

JBoss Suite

JBoss has been one of the leader in open source. They have come up with JBoss ESB, jBPM (Business Process Modeling) (community as well as support subscription) additions.

Other products of JBoss suite include - JBoss Rules, Hibernate, Seam etc

JBoss Enterprise Middleware for SOA is enterprise edition (subscription based)

See what is the different between community driven and JEMS:

Community site:

Fuse Community

ESB (based on ServiceMix)

Message Broker (based on ActiveMQ)

Services Framework (based on CXF)

Mediation Router (based on Camel)

Mule Source (community) (enterprise)


Mule Galaxy - SOA governance platform often reffered to as registry/repository


Products are listed here:

Enterprise Service Bus

Web Services Framework

Data Services Server

Web Services Application Server

There are open source products offered by various communities :-

OpenESB, Apache Camel, Apache Synapes, Blackbird ESB, ChainBuilder ESB, Jitterbit, Openadapter, PEtALS ESB, Openlink Virtuoso, ServiceMix